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 GEISSSPRUNGKOPF (1934m) dist: 17.06km
 KIENJOCH (1953m) dist: 17.30km
 WINDSTIERLKOPF (1824m) dist: 16.01km
 DREISAEULER KOPF (1629m) dist: 23.67km
 MAULKOPF (1517m) dist: 29.91km
 HIRSCHBUEHEL (1934m) dist: 14.31km
 BRUNNENKOEPFL (1609m) dist: 19.48km
 BRUNNENKOPF (1718m) dist: 24.39km
 VORDERE ZIEGSPITZE (1815m) dist: 13.70km
 KREUZJOCH (1719m) dist: 5.84km
 KLAMMSPITZ (1924m) dist: 24.91km
 SEFELWAND (1724m) dist: 24.39km
 KLAMMSPITZGRAT (1869m) dist: 25.16km
 SCHWARZENKOPF (1684m) dist: 26.93km
 HOHER ZIEGSPITZ (1864m) dist: 13.67km
 FEIGENKOPF (1867m) dist: 25.82km
 KUCHELBERGSPITZ (2023m) dist: 20.06km
 ROSSSTALLKOPF (1490m) dist: 27.77km
 FRIEDER (2053m) dist: 17.57km
 GRUBENKOPF (1847m) dist: 26.90km
 FRIEDERSPITZ (2049m) dist: 17.24km
 RAUHKOPF (1621m) dist: 6.78km
 KUCHELBERGKOPF (2026m) dist: 20.42km
 RAUHENSTEIN (1727m) dist: 14.27km
 SCHEINBERGSPITZE (1926m) dist: 24.05km
 VORDERSCHEINBERG (1827m) dist: 25.82km
 LOESERTALKOPF (1859m) dist: 25.00km
 KREUZSPITZ (2184m) dist: 20.29km
 SCHWARZENKOEPFL (1897m) dist: 21.00km
 WEITALPSPITZ (1870m) dist: 25.08km
 KREUZSPITZL (2089m) dist: 19.67km
 HOCHPLATTE (2082m) dist: 26.55km
 GUMPENKARSPITZE (1918m) dist: 27.84km
 KRAEHE (2010m) dist: 27.64km
 GABELSCHROFEN (1989m) dist: 27.88km
 HOCHBLASSE (1989m) dist: 26.43km
 SCHELLSCHLICHT (2053m) dist: 19.26km
 DREIMAENNL (1669m) dist: 29.78km
 NIEDERSTRAUSSBERG (1877m) dist: 28.00km
 BRANDERSCHROFEN (1880m) dist: 30.42km
 OFENBERG (1174m) dist: 15.20km
 BRANDJOCH (1957m) dist: 19.45km
 GEIERKOEPFE (2161m) dist: 22.47km
 HOHER STRAUSSBERG (1933m) dist: 29.04km
 OCHSENAELPELESKOPF (1905m) dist: 26.91km
 SCHELLKOPF (1882m) dist: 20.42km
 VORDERER WARENSTEIN (2136m) dist: 8.35km
 KREUZKOPF (1910m) dist: 26.60km
 ZWOELFERKOPF (2226m) dist: 8.61km
 SAEULING (2047m) dist: 31.17km
 GUGGER (1863m) dist: 26.07km
 GROSSER WARENSTEIN (2276m) dist: 8.78km
 HOELLENTORKOEPFL (2150m) dist: 6.74km
 JOCHBERG (1861m) dist: 30.13km
 DUERRENBERG (1799m) dist: 29.88km
 HINTERER WARENSTEIN (2250m) dist: 8.96km
 HOHER GAIFKOPF (1864m) dist: 3.58km
 SCHOENANGERSPITZE (2264m) dist: 9.37km
 STUIBENKOPF (1924m) dist: 3.99km
 ALPSPITZE (2627m) dist: 6.37km
 KOLLENSPITZE (2238m) dist: 38.70km
 ROTE FLUEH (2108m) dist: 40.30km
 HOHE RIFFEL (2236m) dist: 10.07km
 SCHNEID (2000m) dist: 37.50km
 HOHER GAIF (2287m) dist: 5.04km
 HOCHBLASSEN (2707m) dist: 6.62km

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