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 MUTTEKOPF (2774m) dist: 52.40km
 BOCK KOGEL (3095m) dist: 9.27km
 WEITERKAR KOPF (2774m) dist: 34.22km
 AEUSSERER HOHER KOGEL (2728m) dist: 32.69km
 OEDKARLE KOPF (2565m) dist: 50.90km
 ROTKOPF (2692m) dist: 52.20km
 HOHER SULZ KOGEL (2907m) dist: 12.35km
 MURMENTENKAR SPITZE (2770m) dist: 33.93km
 BRECHKOGEL (2936m) dist: 33.48km
 NOERDLICHER DAUN KOGEL (3075m) dist: 8.53km
 GROSS SCHLENKER SPITZE (2827m) dist: 53.37km
 SECHSZEIGER (2392m) dist: 37.67km
 BACHLEITEN SPITZE (2726m) dist: 14.28km
 KLEIN SCHLENKER SPITZE (2746m) dist: 53.41km
 LEIERS KOPF (2812m) dist: 29.68km
 WILD GRAT (2971m) dist: 33.38km
 VORDERER DAUN KOPF (2879m) dist: 7.01km
 RIEGE SPITZE (2944m) dist: 33.05km
 DREMEL SPITZE (2733m) dist: 53.72km
 FUNDUS FEILER (3079m) dist: 28.89km
 BERGWERKS KOPF (2728m) dist: 52.29km
 GAMS KOGEL (2813m) dist: 17.39km
 WILDKARLE JOECHLI (2616m) dist: 51.62km
 HOHER GEMEINDE KOPF (2771m) dist: 33.39km
 SCHWARZ WANTER (3077m) dist: 14.61km
 LEHNER GRIES KOGEL (3038m) dist: 28.97km
 LOCH KOGEL (3044m) dist: 16.11km
 HOHE SEITE (2852m) dist: 25.45km
 REICHENKAR SPITZE (2971m) dist: 15.24km
 WANNEN KOGEL (2977m) dist: 10.98km
 HAIRLACHER SEE KOPF (3040m) dist: 28.73km
 GAMEZWART (3042m) dist: 14.75km
 INNERBERGER FELDER KOGEL (2830m) dist: 25.35km
 ROTPLEIS KOPF (2884m) dist: 28.22km
 BLOCK KOGEL (3097m) dist: 26.69km
 TONIGEN KOGEL (3011m) dist: 13.84km
 HINTERER DAUN KOPF (3225m) dist: 8.02km
 PLATTIG KOGEL (3089m) dist: 25.91km
 MURKAR SPITZE (3150m) dist: 13.10km
 ROTER KOGEL (3037m) dist: 12.18km
 LANGKARLES SCHNEID (3044m) dist: 25.71km
 SCHMALZ KOPF (2526m) dist: 24.04km
 SCHILD (2517m) dist: 38.13km
 KANS (2980m) dist: 25.39km
 KUHSCHEIBE (3188m) dist: 11.24km
 RAUHER KOPF (2811m) dist: 54.53km
 WANNEN KOPF (2821m) dist: 55.32km
 DRISTEN KOGEL (2996m) dist: 25.02km
 BLANKA HORN (2822m) dist: 56.08km
 AIFNER SPITZE (2779m) dist: 37.79km
 GATSCH KOPF (2945m) dist: 57.63km
 PARSEIERSPITZE (3036m) dist: 58.42km
 SCHWARZ WAND (2942m) dist: 34.10km
 OELGRUBENK (2887m) dist: 35.46km
 FEUER KOGEL (2954m) dist: 24.54km
 AHER KOGEL (2803m) dist: 32.77km
 FELDER KOGEL (3071m) dist: 22.29km
 LUIBIS KOGEL (3110m) dist: 23.38km
 DAWIN KOPF (2968m) dist: 58.48km
 ZAHME LECK (3226m) dist: 10.43km
 MITTLERER STUPFARRI (2911m) dist: 32.79km
 REISER KOGEL (3082m) dist: 23.06km
 WILDE LECK (3359m) dist: 10.30km
 PEISCHL KOPF (2913m) dist: 31.86km
 ATTERKAR SPITZEN (3244m) dist: 10.80km
 KLEIN DRIST KOGEL (2934m) dist: 30.96km
 HUNDSTAL KOGEL (3080m) dist: 23.54km
 WUETENKAR SPITZE (3219m) dist: 10.13km
 GROSS DRIST KOGEL (3058m) dist: 30.78km
 WILDE GEIGE (3152m) dist: 21.14km
 GIGGLER SPITZE (2614m) dist: 52.20km
 KEGEL KOPF (2837m) dist: 50.92km
 BREHN KOGEL (3025m) dist: 31.03km
 WEST DAUNKOGEL (3299m) dist: 7.84km
 GSALL KOPF (3277m) dist: 30.12km
 OST DAUNKOGEL (3330m) dist: 7.45km
 ROFEL WAND (3353m) dist: 29.00km
 HOHER BREITER (3293m) dist: 21.64km
 TOTENKAR KOEPFL (3181m) dist: 28.75km
 WINDACHER DAUN KOGEL (3348m) dist: 8.46km
 ROTPLEIS KOPF (2936m) dist: 51.22km
 SONNEN KOEGEL (3135m) dist: 29.07km
 STUBAIER WILDSPITZE (3341m) dist: 7.00km
 HOHE GEIGE (3393m) dist: 21.67km
 SILBER SCHNEID (3341m) dist: 21.18km
 SCHAUFEL SPITZE (3332m) dist: 5.69km
 AMPFER KOGEL (3183m) dist: 21.15km
 SCHWABEN KOPF (3378m) dist: 30.32km
 VERPEIL SPITZE (3423m) dist: 29.42km
 WARENKAR SEITEN SPITZE (3347m) dist: 8.69km
 PARSTLES WAND (3096m) dist: 28.44km
 WEISS MAURACH KOPF (3069m) dist: 21.40km
 HEXEN KOPF (3035m) dist: 54.92km
 HINTERER HEUBERG (2578m) dist: 49.17km
 HINTER NEBEL KOGEL (3213m) dist: 9.59km
 MASNER KOPF (2828m) dist: 54.56km
 KUPPKARLES SPITZE (2991m) dist: 36.76km
 GMAIRER KOPF (2914m) dist: 56.01km
 BREIT LEHNER (2795m) dist: 17.27km
 WATZE SPITZE (3532m) dist: 29.99km
 APERER PFAFF (3353m) dist: 3.73km
 PUIT KOGEL (3343m) dist: 21.92km
 SEEKARLES SCHNEID (3207m) dist: 28.32km
 HOHER KOGEL (3047m) dist: 27.15km
 INNERE RIFEKAR SPITZE (3004m) dist: 37.32km
 ZURAG KOGEL (2895m) dist: 26.47km
 PFROSL KOPF (3148m) dist: 38.00km
 SONNEN KOGEL (3166m) dist: 21.87km
 SEE KOGEL (3357m) dist: 28.74km
 ROSS KIRPL (2942m) dist: 18.14km
 ROSTIZ KOGEL (3394m) dist: 29.98km
 WASSERTAL KOGEL (3252m) dist: 21.60km
 ROT KOGEL (2947m) dist: 18.27km
 LOECHER KOGEL (3324m) dist: 30.26km
 SCHUSSGRUBEN KOGEL (3211m) dist: 6.18km
 SCHWARZSEE KOGEL (2931m) dist: 18.42km
 GSCHRAPP KOGEL (3197m) dist: 21.54km
 SCHWARZ KOGEL (3016m) dist: 19.09km
 BERGLER FERNER KOGEL (3099m) dist: 38.58km
 GRUBEN GRAT (2821m) dist: 26.94km
 PIZ MEZDI (2920m) dist: 57.02km
 VORDER EINZEIGER (2985m) dist: 19.43km
 WURMSITZ KOGEL (3079m) dist: 21.40km
 NOERLICHER HAPMES KOPF (3289m) dist: 30.86km
 ATEM KOGEL (3010m) dist: 37.35km
 PIZ MUNDIN (3146m) dist: 57.83km
 SUEDLICHER HAPMES KOPF (3240m) dist: 31.05km
 SCHWARZSEE KOPF (3127m) dist: 38.62km
 VORDER GEBHARD SPITZE (3114m) dist: 39.03km
 HINTER GEBHARD SPITZE (3106m) dist: 39.28km
 GRUBENKAR SPITZE (2999m) dist: 28.32km
 GAMS KOEPFE (3108m) dist: 40.62km
 STAMMER SPITZ (3254m) dist: 64.68km
 EINZEIGER (2961m) dist: 19.75km
 WURMTALER KOPF (3225m) dist: 30.10km
 PLATTIG KOPF (3170m) dist: 39.31km
 MUTTLER (3294m) dist: 62.08km
 PLATZER SPITZE (3098m) dist: 39.96km
 KAISER SPITZE (3089m) dist: 40.24km
 POLLES KOGEL (3032m) dist: 20.71km
 VORDER EISKASTEN KOPF (3086m) dist: 28.91km
 EISKASTEN SPITZE (3371m) dist: 30.53km
 PLANGEROS SPITZE (2943m) dist: 36.72km
 ROTSCHRAGEN SPITZE (3112m) dist: 40.69km
 KARLES KOPF (2902m) dist: 21.55km
 MITTAGS KOGEL (3159m) dist: 24.51km
 GRATFERNER KOEPFE (3003m) dist: 37.49km
 KARLES KOGEL (3106m) dist: 20.63km
 GAISLACHER KOGEL (3056m) dist: 17.17km
 BLIGG SPITZE (3453m) dist: 31.20km
 RIFFLKAR SPITZE (3219m) dist: 39.94km
 MITTLER EISKASTEN KOPF (3259m) dist: 30.44km
 MITTERKAMM (3219m) dist: 25.34km
 HOEHLEN SPITZE (3199m) dist: 39.04km
 HINTER EISKASTEN KOPF (3299m) dist: 31.88km
 AUSSERE SCHWARZE SCHNEID (3255m) dist: 18.37km
 ZUCKERHUETL (3507m) dist: 2.82km
 WILDER PFAFF (3456m) dist: 2.00km
 RECHTER FERNER KOGEL (3299m) dist: 24.06km
 NOERLICHE SEXEGERTEN SPITZE (3348m) dist: 31.80km
 SUEDLICHE SEXEGERTEN SPITZE (3428m) dist: 31.60km
 HOCH VERNAGT WAND (3399m) dist: 30.66km
 TASCHACH WAND (3358m) dist: 27.45km
 TASCHACH JOCH (3236m) dist: 29.40km
 HOCH VERNAGT SPITZE (3535m) dist: 31.44km
 SCHUCHT KOGEL (3471m) dist: 25.21km
 PETERSEN SPITZE (3482m) dist: 28.12km
 SCHWARZ WAND SPITZE (3466m) dist: 32.37km
 HINTER BROCH KOGEL (3628m) dist: 27.48km
 GAISKOGEL (3128m) dist: 4.93km
 WILD SPITZE (3768m) dist: 26.28km
 WILDE ROETE SPITZE (2966m) dist: 10.11km
 WEISSER KOGEL (3407m) dist: 23.26km
 VORDER BROCH KOGEL (3562m) dist: 27.85km
 OETZTALER URKUND (3554m) dist: 26.05km
 TAUFKAR KOGEL (3362m) dist: 24.82km
 EHRICH SPITZE (3420m) dist: 34.15km
 HINTERGRASL SPITZE (3325m) dist: 31.35km
 DAHMANN SPITZE (3397m) dist: 34.28km
 PLATTEI KOGEL (3426m) dist: 28.53km
 URKUND KOLM (3134m) dist: 26.16km
 KESSELWAND SPITZE (3414m) dist: 32.71km
 MITTERLOCH SPITZE (3176m) dist: 45.02km
 ROTEBEN KOPF (3157m) dist: 43.70km
 TESTE ROSSE (3148m) dist: 45.56km
 WANNEN KOGEL (3089m) dist: 8.85km
 ZINNE (3378m) dist: 36.41km
 VORDERE HINTEREIS SPITZE (3437m) dist: 34.51km
 HINTER HINTEREIS SPITZE (3485m) dist: 36.26km
 MITTLERE HINTEREIS SPITZE (3450m) dist: 35.31km
 NIEDER KOGEL (3163m) dist: 15.46km
 MUT SPITZE (3257m) dist: 33.70km
 CIMA BARBA D'ORSO DI FUORI (3471m) dist: 41.99km
 HOCH VERNAGL WAND (3433m) dist: 36.89km
 HINTER GUSLAR SPITZE (3147m) dist: 31.89km
 VORDER GUSLAR SPITZE (3118m) dist: 31.21km
 INNERER BAERENBART KOGEL (3553m) dist: 40.45km
 MITTLER GUSLAR SPITZE (3128m) dist: 31.49km
 WEISSKUGEL (3738m) dist: 40.12km
 LANGTAUFERER SPITZE (3528m) dist: 38.45km
 AUSSERER GRIES KOGEL (3105m) dist: 15.92km
 PUNTA VALBELLA (3359m) dist: 45.43km
 INNERER GRIES KOGEL (3107m) dist: 16.68km
 INNERE QUELL SPITZE (3514m) dist: 40.38km
 CIMA DI PLERES (3188m) dist: 45.66km
 AEUSSERE QUELL SPITZE (3385m) dist: 41.01km
 OBER ROFENBERG (3010m) dist: 33.88km
 TEUFELS EGG (3227m) dist: 38.54km
 SCHWEMSER SPITZE (3459m) dist: 41.05km
 EIS KOGEL (3114m) dist: 29.00km
 ROFENBERG KOEPFE (3279m) dist: 36.05km
 AM HINTERN EIS (3270m) dist: 36.70km
 SUEDLICHE OBERETTES SPITZE (3296m) dist: 41.74km
 GAMPLES KOPF (3165m) dist: 21.01km
 ZIRM KOGEL (3278m) dist: 18.22km
 SPITZIGES KOGEL (2948m) dist: 16.86km
 TALLEIT SPITZE (3406m) dist: 27.63km
 SCHRAA KOGEL (3137m) dist: 7.89km

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