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 MONTE GIUMELLA (3594m) dist: 64.58km
 MONTE SAN LORENZO (3021m) dist: 28.95km
 SASSO ROTONDO (3114m) dist: 51.42km
 CIME DEI FORNI (3240m) dist: 55.85km
 CIMA DI TRAFOI (3565m) dist: 50.31km
 PIZ SAN JON (3093m) dist: 18.69km
 PUNTA CADINI (3524m) dist: 65.02km
 PIZ COSTAINAS (3004m) dist: 42.32km
 PIZ CALDERAS (2794m) dist: 39.62km
 FALLASCHOPF (2905m) dist: 41.88km
 PUNTA THURWIESER (3652m) dist: 50.69km
 PUNTA TAVIELA (3612m) dist: 64.43km
 CIMA DELLA MINIERA (3408m) dist: 53.29km
 PIZ SOER (2917m) dist: 7.79km
 PIZ COTSCHEN (3046m) dist: 20.00km
 MONTE ZEBRU (3735m) dist: 51.81km
 PIZ MINSCHUNS (2934m) dist: 40.78km
 PIZ PLAZER (3104m) dist: 24.84km
 PIZ DA L'AUA (3002m) dist: 19.66km
 ORTLES (3905m) dist: 50.05km
 MONTE ROSOLE (3529m) dist: 60.34km
 PIZ LISCHANA (3105m) dist: 17.29km
 CORNO DI SOLDA (3386m) dist: 55.48km
 MONTE CEVEDALE (3769m) dist: 59.03km
 PIZ D'IMMEZ (3026m) dist: 21.01km
 PIZ SESVENNA (3204m) dist: 25.63km
 CIMA CEVEDALE (3757m) dist: 58.84km
 FORATRIDER (3136m) dist: 25.90km
 PIZ CORNET (2971m) dist: 22.23km
 PUNTA DEL LAGO GELATO (3250m) dist: 55.16km
 CIMA D'ARUNDA (2880m) dist: 28.60km
 PIZ TRIAZZA (3041m) dist: 17.79km
 PIZ CRISTANAS (3092m) dist: 22.48km
 MUNTPITSCHEN (3162m) dist: 25.86km
 CIMA POZZO (3299m) dist: 55.23km
 MOT (2705m) dist: 5.42km
 PIZ RIMS (3067m) dist: 22.88km
 CIMA MADRICCIO (3265m) dist: 54.99km
 PIZ CURTINATSCH (2864m) dist: 19.23km
 PUNTA BELTOVO DI DENTRO (3325m) dist: 53.91km
 SCHADLER (2948m) dist: 23.85km
 FERNERSPITZ (2954m) dist: 25.03km
 CIMA MARMOTTA (3330m) dist: 61.12km
 CIMA LAGO LUNGO (3165m) dist: 62.48km
 PIZ AJUZ (2790m) dist: 16.49km
 CIMA VENEZIA (3386m) dist: 61.03km
 MONTE PLAGABELLA (2534m) dist: 36.65km
 PUNTA PEDER DI DENTRO (3309m) dist: 53.69km
 DOSSOBELLO DI DENTRO (3150m) dist: 48.59km
 PUNTA DELLE LASTE (3422m) dist: 52.81km
 PIETRAFITTA (3114m) dist: 46.95km
 CIMA VERTANA (3545m) dist: 51.09km
 PIZ SPADLA (2936m) dist: 7.51km
 PUNTA DELLO SCUDO (3461m) dist: 52.59km
 PUNTA DELLA CASCATA (2742m) dist: 46.31km
 PUNTA PEDER DI MEZZO (3462m) dist: 52.93km
 L'ANGELO GRANDE (3521m) dist: 51.02km
 CRODA DI CENGLES (3375m) dist: 48.41km
 PUNTA PEDER DI FUORE (3406m) dist: 53.44km
 PIZ RIMS (2773m) dist: 19.71km
 CIMA DEI CAMOSCI (3325m) dist: 52.75km
 CRODA DEL FORNO (3410m) dist: 50.34km
 L'ANGELO PICCOLO (3318m) dist: 49.86km
 CIMA DELLE PECORE (3306m) dist: 49.34km
 PUNTA LIVI (3352m) dist: 53.81km
 CIMA DI RABBI (3256m) dist: 61.03km
 CIMA STERNAI (3443m) dist: 62.72km
 CRODA TEDESCA (3180m) dist: 49.16km
 CIMA STERNAI MERIDIALE (3385m) dist: 63.59km
 CIMA LORCHEN (3361m) dist: 61.97km
 PIZ DAVO LEIS (3027m) dist: 3.91km
 PUNTA DI SLUDER (3230m) dist: 53.28km
 CIMA FONTANA BIANCA (3253m) dist: 61.53km
 GRUGNO DI PORCO (2727m) dist: 49.00km
 PUNTA DI RASASS (2941m) dist: 23.88km
 RASSASSER BERG (2884m) dist: 23.31km
 GIOVERETTO (3439m) dist: 61.30km
 VERNUN (2818m) dist: 25.63km
 CRESTA ALTA (3232m) dist: 60.32km
 PUNTA DI LASA (3305m) dist: 53.06km
 PIX MEZDI (2542m) dist: 20.95km
 CRODA I JENNE (2962m) dist: 52.08km
 GRIAN KOPF (2896m) dist: 22.06km
 CRODA BIANCA (2778m) dist: 53.52km
 IL PULPITO DI FLIM (3113m) dist: 60.83km
 CIMA DI TOVO (3097m) dist: 61.46km
 SEEBOEDEN SPITZE (2853m) dist: 24.97km
 PIZ S-CHALAMBERT DADAINT (3031m) dist: 17.91km

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