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 ACHLEITNERKOGEL (1229m) dist: 39.67km
 BRENNENDER PALVEN (1572m) dist: 49.62km
 HEUBERG (1746m) dist: 20.89km
 REGALPSPITZE (2253m) dist: 50.04km
 ACKERLSPITZE (2329m) dist: 50.71km
 TUXECKOPF (2226m) dist: 46.31km
 BLESSENBERG (1743m) dist: 21.24km
 TREFFAUER (2304m) dist: 46.51km
 AMEISKOGEL (1518m) dist: 11.08km
 TOERLSPITZE (2204m) dist: 49.32km
 KAISERKOPF (2171m) dist: 47.35km
 ELLMAUER HALT (2344m) dist: 47.46km
 SONNENSTEIN (1714m) dist: 44.74km
 KIENBERG (1786m) dist: 20.43km
 SONNECK (2260m) dist: 46.07km
 GAMSHALT (2291m) dist: 47.35km
 HINTERE KARLSPITZE (2281m) dist: 48.51km
 SCHEFFAUER (2111m) dist: 42.90km
 KOPFKRAXEN (2190m) dist: 45.65km
 XHINTERER GOINGER HALT (2192m) dist: 49.21km
 ZETTENKAISERKOPF (1609m) dist: 41.14km
 KUPPAL (1691m) dist: 4.71km
 FLEISCHBANK (2186m) dist: 48.74km
 HACKENKOEPFE (2125m) dist: 43.88km
 TOTENKIRCHL (2190m) dist: 48.33km
 WIESBERG (2000m) dist: 44.67km
 RAUHKOPF (1552m) dist: 5.63km
 EINKEHRBODEN (1490m) dist: 19.33km
 STRIPSENKOPF (1807m) dist: 48.36km
 BRANDKOGEL (1411m) dist: 43.48km
 HUNDSALMJOCH (1637m) dist: 27.52km
 ZUNTERKOEPFL (1635m) dist: 23.90km
 DURRENBERG (1534m) dist: 25.51km
 FELDBERG (1813m) dist: 49.79km
 DRISTENKOPF (1405m) dist: 14.19km
 KUEHBERG (1677m) dist: 22.64km
 GAMSKOGEL (1449m) dist: 42.92km
 KOHLLAHNERKOPF (1556m) dist: 49.67km
 KOEGLHOERNDL (1645m) dist: 29.35km
 UNTERBERGHORN (1773m) dist: 58.72km
 JOCHKOPF (1409m) dist: 30.86km
 ASCHAUHOERNDLI (1282m) dist: 15.29km
 SCHEIBENKOGEL (1614m) dist: 52.13km
 HOHER NOCK (1497m) dist: 20.05km
 PRINZKOPF (1304m) dist: 18.27km
 HINTERE KESSELSCHNEID (1995m) dist: 47.13km
 MITTAGSKOPF (1543m) dist: 33.00km
 ENTERKOPF (1200m) dist: 11.13km
 VORDERE KESSELSCHNEID (2001m) dist: 46.87km
 PENDLING (1563m) dist: 33.65km
 PYRAMIDENSPITZE (1997m) dist: 46.93km
 JOVENSPITZE (1890m) dist: 47.35km
 EINSERKOGEL (1924m) dist: 45.99km
 PETERSKOEPFL (1745m) dist: 44.74km
 BRUNFTKOPF (1417m) dist: 21.37km
 GFASSKOEPFE (1279m) dist: 8.40km
 SCHATTENKOPF (1233m) dist: 20.22km
 WAESCHKOGEL (1119m) dist: 29.32km
 SCHATTBERG (1126m) dist: 30.76km
 JOECHL (1554m) dist: 21.55km
 LARCHBERG (1412m) dist: 27.27km
 ROSSKOPF (1632m) dist: 16.53km
 OFENSTEINWAND (1300m) dist: 35.10km
 VEITSBERG (1787m) dist: 24.27km
 BREITENSTEIN (1661m) dist: 54.82km
 SEMMELKOPF (1558m) dist: 31.30km
 SAURUESSEL (1530m) dist: 30.36km
 GEIGELSTEIN (1812m) dist: 55.10km

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