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 SCHNEEKAR SPITZE (3209m) dist: 58.76km
 WILDGERLOS SPITZE (3280m) dist: 59.13km
 HAHNEN KAMM (3209m) dist: 59.54km
 SEHNDL SPITZE (2882m) dist: 55.92km
 WEISSKAR KOPF (2850m) dist: 55.67km
 SICHEL KOPF (2982m) dist: 56.54km
 HEIMJOCH (2004m) dist: 34.95km
 ASCHAUHOERNDLI (1282m) dist: 14.39km
 REICHEN SPITZE (3303m) dist: 59.95km
 ANKEN KOPF (2699m) dist: 55.01km
 GABLER (3263m) dist: 59.88km
 REGENFELD (2258m) dist: 41.09km
 TORKOPF (2116m) dist: 36.45km
 HANGER (2472m) dist: 53.28km
 ROTENMANN KOGEL (3127m) dist: 76.19km
 STIER KOPF (2501m) dist: 54.93km
 GRATLSPITZE (1899m) dist: 26.96km
 PFANN KOGEL (2310m) dist: 52.88km
 DABER SPITZE (3402m) dist: 75.43km
 RAGSTATTJOCH (1545m) dist: 8.41km
 ROET SPITZE (3496m) dist: 74.27km
 MANNLKAR KOPF (2870m) dist: 59.69km
 KASTENWENDENKOPF (2329m) dist: 44.36km
 ROSSKAR SCHARTE (2689m) dist: 59.53km
 ROET SPITZE (3289m) dist: 73.84km
 SAU SPITZE (2847m) dist: 70.80km
 WINDBACHKAR KOPF (2764m) dist: 62.44km
 ROSS KOPF (2845m) dist: 59.54km
 SONNENJOCH (2292m) dist: 38.73km
 HOHE WARTE (3128m) dist: 71.07km
 AHRNER KOPF (3051m) dist: 72.53km
 SCHLACHTER TAUERN (2750m) dist: 65.37km
 GROSS SCHOBER (3054m) dist: 78.97km
 ZWILLINGS KOEPFE (2841m) dist: 67.32km
 GRESSENSTEIN (2216m) dist: 37.87km
 TRISS KOPF (2694m) dist: 56.02km
 SCHATSBERG (1902m) dist: 31.12km
 ROSSHUF (3199m) dist: 71.43km
 HINTER SCHAFL KOPF (3057m) dist: 58.42km
 WILDKAR SPITZE (3073m) dist: 57.38km
 SCHATSBERG (1898m) dist: 30.58km
 RETTENKAR KOPF (2968m) dist: 59.18km
 SEEKAR SPITZE (2914m) dist: 56.90km
 PALLSPITZE (2389m) dist: 43.55km
 GRASSBERGJOECHL (1536m) dist: 26.16km
 RAINBACH KOPF (2669m) dist: 59.92km
 JOELSPITZE (1964m) dist: 33.03km
 SAUPANZEN (1957m) dist: 33.83km
 STEINGRUBEN KOGEL (3231m) dist: 75.48km
 SEEKAR KOPF (2605m) dist: 55.31km
 GROSSER BEIL (2309m) dist: 36.89km
 ROSS KOPF (2606m) dist: 54.99km
 SEEKOPF (2189m) dist: 36.34km
 OCHSENKOPF (2469m) dist: 45.21km
 GRASLEIEN KOPF (2954m) dist: 69.68km
 GREIFLAHNER KOPF (2405m) dist: 60.34km
 DREIHERRN SPITZE (3499m) dist: 71.21km
 KLEINER BEIL (2197m) dist: 36.06km
 MALHAM SPITZE (3368m) dist: 73.82km
 LAEMPERSBERG (2202m) dist: 35.43km
 UMBAL KOEPFL (3426m) dist: 71.34km
 WALDBERGKAR KOPF (2374m) dist: 57.47km
 HINTER GUBACH SPITZE (3387m) dist: 72.33km
 NEBELKARSPITZE (2339m) dist: 44.78km
 UNLASS ECK (2654m) dist: 64.41km
 ROSSKOPF (1632m) dist: 12.61km
 WESTLICHE SIMONY SPITZE (3481m) dist: 71.63km
 OESTLICHE SIMONY SPITZE (3448m) dist: 71.58km
 KLEEFELDKOPF (2348m) dist: 44.69km
 VORDER MAURERKEES KOGEL (3325m) dist: 71.33km
 UNLASSKAR KOPF (3074m) dist: 64.15km
 ZIMMERERKOPF (1246m) dist: 18.95km
 WEIGLKAR KOPF (3009m) dist: 63.57km
 SCHLIEFER SPITZE (3290m) dist: 66.08km
 JAIDBACH SPITZE (3099m) dist: 65.00km
 MITTLER MAURERKEES KOGEL (3283m) dist: 70.87km
 SCHLIEFER TUERME (3142m) dist: 67.33km
 SCHACHEN KARKOPF (2982m) dist: 62.21km
 HINTER SONNTAGS KOEPFE (3136m) dist: 67.72km
 SALZACHGEIER (2469m) dist: 44.32km
 VORDER KOPF (3024m) dist: 61.92km
 THIERBACHER KOGEL (1312m) dist: 27.21km
 HUMBACHKAR KOPF (2926m) dist: 60.44km
 FIISKAR KOPF (3029m) dist: 61.05km
 FUENFMANDLING (2422m) dist: 43.90km
 HINTER MAURERKEES KOGEL (3311m) dist: 70.52km
 SCHOENRAIN KOEPFE (2775m) dist: 58.20km
 HENGSTKOGEL (1803m) dist: 38.41km
 ACHSEL KOPF (2666m) dist: 57.15km
 HUETTELTAL KOPF (2962m) dist: 58.75km
 GABEL (2601m) dist: 56.91km
 KRAUSENKAR KOPF (2757m) dist: 63.96km
 HOHLRIEDERKOGEL (1312m) dist: 30.13km
 GROSSER HAPP (3352m) dist: 72.34km
 GROSSER GEIGER (3360m) dist: 71.44km
 ZWOELFER (2404m) dist: 56.97km
 SONNTAGSKAR KOPF (2571m) dist: 61.96km
 SCHWEBENKOPF (2354m) dist: 43.54km
 HUETTEN KOPF (2614m) dist: 58.98km
 KREUZ SPITZE (3135m) dist: 77.84km
 BREITEGGSPITZE (1868m) dist: 37.41km
 BAUMGARTGEIER (2392m) dist: 47.63km
 TULP SPITZE (3054m) dist: 77.53km
 ALEITENSPITZE (2449m) dist: 43.24km
 SCHAFSIEDEL (2447m) dist: 42.78km
 ZOPET SPITZE (3198m) dist: 76.95km
 BUMBERG (904m) dist: 24.10km
 DRISTKOPF (2361m) dist: 46.42km
 VENEDIGER WESTGRAT (3230m) dist: 70.81km
 WILDKARSPITZE (1961m) dist: 37.02km
 GASTACHER WAENDE (3087m) dist: 76.45km
 HERZOGKOGEL (2292m) dist: 42.14km
 MULLWITZ KOEPFL (2960m) dist: 74.69km
 PRINZKOPF (1304m) dist: 14.78km
 STEINKAR KOGEL (3180m) dist: 66.68km
 HIRSCHLACK (1284m) dist: 12.89km
 BREITEGGERN (1981m) dist: 36.54km
 DUERNBERGSTEIN (2205m) dist: 41.64km
 STANGLHOEHE (2276m) dist: 42.10km
 KEES KOGEL (3291m) dist: 67.54km
 HOHES ADERL (3506m) dist: 72.35km
 KAEFERFELD SPITZE (2970m) dist: 65.05km
 SATTELKAR KOGEL (2903m) dist: 64.64km
 GROSS VENEDIGER (3666m) dist: 71.52km
 GERNKOGEL (2267m) dist: 50.30km
 GOSS KOPF (2876m) dist: 64.00km
 BACHMAYR SPITZE (3120m) dist: 68.26km
 GROSS WARTKOPF (2640m) dist: 62.56km
 RAINERHORN (3559m) dist: 73.04km
 LAUBKOGEL (2317m) dist: 49.59km
 SCHWARZES HOERNDL (3099m) dist: 68.61km
 SONNWENDKOGEL (2289m) dist: 47.35km
 ZWISCHEN SULZBACH TOERL (2918m) dist: 69.62km
 KREUZJOCH (2071m) dist: 41.07km
 SCHWARZE WAND (3506m) dist: 73.06km
 KROENDLHORN (2444m) dist: 46.39km
 SCHWAIGBERGHORN (1990m) dist: 36.42km
 KLEIN VENEDIGER (3471m) dist: 71.37km
 KRONDLBERG (2440m) dist: 46.16km
 MITTEREGG SPITZE (3044m) dist: 82.37km
 UNTER SULZBACH TOERL (2855m) dist: 70.08km
 EINKEHRBODEN (1490m) dist: 16.25km
 RIESELBERG (1574m) dist: 5.87km
 KRISTALLWAND (3310m) dist: 75.26km
 FELDALPHORN (1923m) dist: 35.04km
 SUEDLICHE GOERIACHE ROETE (3020m) dist: 83.14km
 NOERDLICHE GORIACHE ROETE (3011m) dist: 82.81km
 MITTERKOPF (2306m) dist: 46.91km
 OCHSENBUG (2995m) dist: 83.71km
 HOHE FUERLEG (3243m) dist: 69.33km
 TOERLBIRG KOPF (3115m) dist: 68.50km
 KESSELKAR KOPF (2703m) dist: 64.66km
 GAMSMUTTER (3089m) dist: 67.83km
 PLATTIGER HABACH (3207m) dist: 69.86km
 TUERMKOGEL (1648m) dist: 32.44km
 HABACH SPITZE (3062m) dist: 67.18km
 SONNTAGS KOGEL (2740m) dist: 64.03km
 LEITER KOGEL (2987m) dist: 65.81km
 LEITERHORN (2967m) dist: 66.35km
 ABRETTER KOPF (2774m) dist: 63.35km
 BREITFUSS (2853m) dist: 62.73km
 HUNDSKIRCH (2733m) dist: 61.90km
 SCHNEEGRUBENSPITZE (2237m) dist: 45.53km
 POPBERG (2188m) dist: 59.15km
 GROSS FINAGL (2730m) dist: 61.19km
 KLEIN FINAGL (2575m) dist: 60.67km
 HEUSCHARTEN KOPF (2498m) dist: 60.32km
 KIENBERG (1786m) dist: 17.34km
 AUSSERER KNORR KOGEL (2920m) dist: 76.21km
 TRATTENBACHECK (2063m) dist: 51.53km
 PLATTACH KOPF (2435m) dist: 61.18km
 SCHWARZ KOPF (2996m) dist: 69.93km
 HEUBERG (1746m) dist: 18.00km
 GAMSKOGEL (2107m) dist: 59.76km
 KRATZEN BERG (3022m) dist: 70.09km
 HOHER NOCK (1497m) dist: 15.61km
 HUETTENKOPF (2180m) dist: 50.37km
 ROSSKOPF (1731m) dist: 30.88km
 SCHILD KOGEL (2826m) dist: 78.83km
 HINTER PLATTEN KOGEL (2741m) dist: 77.04km

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