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 EBNER SPITZE (1957m) dist: 12.13km
 WILDKAR SPITZE (3073m) dist: 51.43km
 TRISS KOPF (2694m) dist: 50.04km
 HUETTENKOPF (2462m) dist: 34.60km
 TORHELM (2494m) dist: 36.53km
 SEEKAR SPITZE (2914m) dist: 51.10km
 MITTLER MAURERKEES KOGEL (3283m) dist: 65.71km
 SCHAFKOPF (2454m) dist: 34.20km
 HINTER MAURERKEES KOGEL (3311m) dist: 65.55km
 SCHLIEFER SPITZE (3290m) dist: 61.01km
 UNLASSKAR KOPF (3074m) dist: 59.03km
 ROTSPITZE (2067m) dist: 9.44km
 KLOBEN JOCH" (2041m) dist: 7.50km
 SOELLENKAR KOGEL (2879m) dist: 55.26km
 DRISTENKOPF (2203m) dist: 29.50km
 SCHOENRAIN KOEPFE (2775m) dist: 53.77km
 HUETTELTAL KOPF (2962m) dist: 54.35km
 REGENFELD (2258m) dist: 35.33km
 HOHES ADERL (3506m) dist: 68.54km
 ACHSEL KOPF (2666m) dist: 52.78km
 GROSS VENEDIGER (3666m) dist: 67.79km
 RAINERHORN (3559m) dist: 69.41km
 GABEL (2601m) dist: 52.60km
 KEES KOGEL (3291m) dist: 63.83km
 SCHWARZE WAND (3506m) dist: 69.56km
 DALFAZER WAENDE (2233m) dist: 8.98km
 HEIDACHSTELLWAND (2192m) dist: 11.18km
 STREICHKOPF (2243m) dist: 8.89km
 HOCHISS (2299m) dist: 9.31km
 SPIELJOCH (2236m) dist: 9.97km
 KOTALMJOCH (2157m) dist: 8.05km
 ROSSKOEPFE (2261m) dist: 10.21km
 SAGZAHN (2228m) dist: 11.73km
 GAMSWANDSPITZE (1937m) dist: 9.69km
 ROFANSPITZE (2259m) dist: 11.22km
 SEILEGG (1981m) dist: 10.49km
 GROSS WIESBACHHORN (3564m) dist: 91.06km
 HACKBRETTL (2708m) dist: 83.03km
 STEINBERGSTEIN (2215m) dist: 43.71km
 KITZSTEINHORN (3203m) dist: 84.94km
 MAURERKOGEL (2990m) dist: 83.97km
 KLEIN WIESBACHHORN (3283m) dist: 91.00km
 BIRK KOGEL (2212m) dist: 71.20km
 GROSS SCHMIEDINGER (2957m) dist: 83.40km
 JAGGESER (2570m) dist: 81.18km
 RAMKARKOPF (2062m) dist: 42.58km
 HOHER TENN (3368m) dist: 90.26km
 SCHWARZKARKOGEL (2089m) dist: 48.79km
 HINTER PLANITZER (2562m) dist: 80.07km
 KLEIN SCHMIEDINGER (2739m) dist: 83.23km
 KLEIN TENN (3158m) dist: 89.84km
 SCHNEESPITZE (3317m) dist: 90.28km
 LATSCHBERG (1949m) dist: 12.32km
 ZWINGSPITZE (2810m) dist: 90.88km
 RETTINGER (2640m) dist: 82.65km
 OBER JAEGERSCHARTE (2735m) dist: 88.85km
 MARCHSPITZE (2004m) dist: 11.42km
 OCHSENKOPF (1665m) dist: 6.62km
 KLEINER RETTENSTEIN (2216m) dist: 54.47km
 TUERMKOGEL (1648m) dist: 32.54km
 FLOCH (2057m) dist: 47.86km
 ROSSKOGEL (1940m) dist: 13.14km
 KUHKASER (2054m) dist: 61.99km
 BRECHHORN (2032m) dist: 47.63km
 LEITENKOGEL (2015m) dist: 66.37km
 GEISSSTEIN (2363m) dist: 65.44km
 SCHWARZKOGEL (2030m) dist: 53.54km
 GLANTERER KOGEL (1473m) dist: 39.22km
 ROSSKOPF (1731m) dist: 32.00km
 SCHLEDERERKOPF (1802m) dist: 47.36km
 BAERENSTEIGKOPF (2225m) dist: 72.62km
 KUPPAL (1691m) dist: 6.45km
 SCHUSTERKOGEL (2207m) dist: 65.34km
 XHOCHKOGEL (2249m) dist: 74.43km
 TEUFELSSPRUNG (2174m) dist: 62.99km
 LAUBKOGEL (1501m) dist: 8.23km
 GAMSHAG (2178m) dist: 62.63km
 FLEIDING (1892m) dist: 45.66km
 SCHUETZKOGEL (2067m) dist: 61.70km
 MARCHBACHJOCH (1496m) dist: 34.09km
 TRISTKOGEL (2095m) dist: 63.16km
 HOHE PENHAB (2113m) dist: 69.45km
 GAMPENKOGEL (1957m) dist: 46.80km
 LAUBKOGEL (1769m) dist: 45.35km
 SAALKOGEL (2006m) dist: 63.35km
 BUMBERG (904m) dist: 24.59km
 NACHTSOELLBERG (1886m) dist: 45.20km
 BEMBERGER JOCH (1356m) dist: 28.94km
 STAFFKOGEL (2115m) dist: 64.42km
 TENNLADEN (1269m) dist: 34.73km
 STEINBERGKOGEL (1972m) dist: 54.32km
 RAUHKOPF (1552m) dist: 7.25km
 SPIELECKKOGEL (1998m) dist: 66.08km
 VOLDOEPPBERG (1509m) dist: 17.39km
 SONNSPITZE (2062m) dist: 64.55km
 GAISBERG (1770m) dist: 47.85km
 EHRENBACHHOEHE (1802m) dist: 53.37km
 MESNERHOEHE (2048m) dist: 64.85km
 KREUZEINJOCH (1702m) dist: 12.90km
 BISCHOF (2127m) dist: 64.90km
 HAHNENKAMM (1712m) dist: 53.66km
 SONNBERGER JOECHL (1285m) dist: 31.09km
 GEBRA (2057m) dist: 63.33km
 HOHER MAHDSTEIN (2063m) dist: 65.86km
 HENNE (2078m) dist: 66.88km
 WILDSEELODER (2118m) dist: 65.94km
 RIEDERBERG (1045m) dist: 33.52km
 STUCKKOGEL (1888m) dist: 60.88km
 HOHE SALVE (1828m) dist: 41.04km
 KLEINE SALVE (1565m) dist: 39.62km
 MOESLALMKOGEL (1109m) dist: 32.62km
 PRAMAKOPF (1475m) dist: 14.49km
 KARSTEIN (1922m) dist: 62.34km
 HORNKOEPFL (1773m) dist: 58.17km
 ZINSBERG (1680m) dist: 44.31km
 AMEISKOGEL (1518m) dist: 12.52km
 KITZBUEHELER HORN (1996m) dist: 57.90km
 SALVENBERG (1238m) dist: 40.07km
 JAUZKOPF (2492m) dist: 80.32km
 SCHARLEITHOERNER (2461m) dist: 79.95km
 DREI ZINTHOERNER (2486m) dist: 78.65km
 ROTHOERNDLN (2406m) dist: 79.34km
 BIRNHORN (2634m) dist: 80.67km
 HOCHBRETT (2470m) dist: 78.20km
 BROMBERG (1279m) dist: 42.21km
 HUNDSHOERNDLN (2484m) dist: 78.91km
 GROSSES MARCHENTHORN (2375m) dist: 78.02km
 SIGNALKOPF (2465m) dist: 79.20km
 KUCHELHORN (2507m) dist: 80.72km
 HARTKASER (1555m) dist: 45.94km
 PAISSLBERG (1181m) dist: 35.98km
 PASSAUERKOPF (2465m) dist: 79.26km
 SCHAFSPITZE (2456m) dist: 79.34km
 GROSSES ROTHORN (2430m) dist: 79.55km
 GFASSKOEPFE (1279m) dist: 9.51km
 MITTAGSKOGEL (1595m) dist: 36.85km
 HEUBERG (1746m) dist: 22.22km
 BLESSENBERG (1743m) dist: 22.54km
 ENTERKOPF (1200m) dist: 12.24km
 GEISELHORN (2291m) dist: 72.83km
 GROSSES OCHSENHORN (2511m) dist: 75.18km
 REIFHORN (2488m) dist: 73.92km
 KIENBERG (1786m) dist: 21.70km
 DRISTENKOPF (1405m) dist: 15.35km
 SEEHORN (2155m) dist: 70.65km
 MITTERHORN (2506m) dist: 72.83km
 ROTHORN (2400m) dist: 71.75km
 EINKEHRBODEN (1490m) dist: 20.50km
 ASCHAUHOERNDLI (1282m) dist: 16.38km
 BRENNENDER PALVEN (1572m) dist: 50.90km
 TUXECKOPF (2226m) dist: 47.52km
 REGALPSPITZE (2253m) dist: 51.26km
 MAUKSPITZE (2231m) dist: 52.59km
 ACKERLSPITZE (2329m) dist: 51.92km
 TREFFAUER (2304m) dist: 47.71km
 KAISERKOPF (2171m) dist: 48.53km
 TOERLSPITZE (2204m) dist: 50.51km
 ZUNTERKOEPFL (1635m) dist: 24.98km
 ELLMAUER HALT (2344m) dist: 48.62km
 ZETTENKAISERKOPF (1609m) dist: 42.28km
 PRINZKOPF (1304m) dist: 19.28km
 SCHEFFAUER (2111m) dist: 44.05km
 VORDERE KARLSPITZE (2260m) dist: 49.66km
 KUEHBERG (1677m) dist: 23.69km
 SONNECK (2260m) dist: 47.22km
 HOHER NOCK (1497m) dist: 21.07km
 KOPFKRAXEN (2190m) dist: 46.79km
 GAMSHALT (2291m) dist: 48.50km
 HUNDSALMJOCH (1637m) dist: 28.59km
 HACKENKOEPFE (2125m) dist: 45.01km
 HINTERE KARLSPITZE (2281m) dist: 49.64km
 XHINTERER GOINGER HALT (2192m) dist: 50.34km
 WIESBERG (2000m) dist: 45.79km
 FLEISCHBANK (2186m) dist: 49.87km
 TOTENKIRCHL (2190m) dist: 49.44km
 VORDERUNNUTZ (2078m) dist: 6.01km
 JOVENSPITZE (1890m) dist: 48.14km
 PETERSKOEPFL (1745m) dist: 45.51km
 EINSERKOGEL (1924m) dist: 46.76km
 HOCHUNNUTZ (2075m) dist: 5.96km
 SAURUESSEL (1530m) dist: 30.75km
 SEMMELKOPF (1558m) dist: 31.69km
 SCHMALEGGERJOCH (1633m) dist: 21.54km

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