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 ROTER KOGEL (2832m) dist: 45.21km
 HOHE ROETE (2855m) dist: 46.62km
 ALPEINER KNOTEN SPITZE (3233m) dist: 53.80km
 WILDER PFAFF (3456m) dist: 64.34km
 SONKLAR SPITZE (3467m) dist: 65.51km
 H.PLATTEN SPITZE (3070m) dist: 54.47km
 SCHWARZWAND SPITZE (3353m) dist: 66.61km
 RANGGER KOEPFL (1939m) dist: 33.53km
 FALBESONER KNOTEN SPITZE (3118m) dist: 53.69km
 WENTEN (2641m) dist: 43.08km
 WIND EGG (2577m) dist: 40.95km
 APERER FREIGER (3261m) dist: 63.10km
 OESTLICHE KNOTEN SPITZE (3101m) dist: 53.34km
 SCHALDERS SPITZE (2784m) dist: 48.36km
 UELASGRAT SPITZE (3038m) dist: 52.87km
 WILDER FREIGER (3418m) dist: 63.81km
 SIGNAL GIPFEL (3393m) dist: 64.06km
 OBERE WETTERSTEINSPITZE (2297m) dist: 13.03km
 SCHRIMMEN KOPF (2907m) dist: 52.87km
 GREIT SPITZE (2784m) dist: 55.31km
 BASSLER JOCH (2829m) dist: 52.61km
 KERRACH SPITZE (2918m) dist: 51.45km
 WEISSLEHNKOPF (2002m) dist: 17.09km
 BRENNER SPITZE (2877m) dist: 51.24km
 W.FEUERSTEIN (3230m) dist: 63.94km
 SCHWARZ HORN (2812m) dist: 45.51km
 O.FEUERSTEIN (3267m) dist: 63.78km
 SCHAF KOGEL (2572m) dist: 44.53km
 ARNPLATTENSPITZE (2171m) dist: 16.88km
 SCHAFLEGER KOGEL (2405m) dist: 43.46km
 AEUSSERE WETTER SPITZE (3070m) dist: 59.86km
 S.ROETEN SPITZE (2981m) dist: 58.53km
 NOERDLICHE ROETEN SPITZE (2924m) dist: 57.91km
 ANGERBERG KOPF (2399m) dist: 42.54km
 OCHSEN KOGEL (3029m) dist: 57.71km
 GRIES KOGEL (2158m) dist: 39.79km
 RAUHENKOPF (2011m) dist: 26.33km
 MITTLERE ARNSPITZE (2091m) dist: 16.74km
 GAMS KOGEL (2659m) dist: 44.92km
 GLAETTE SPITZE (3133m) dist: 56.80km
 HAERMELEKOPF (2224m) dist: 24.36km
 HABICHT (3277m) dist: 56.15km
 REITHER SPITZE (2374m) dist: 24.81km
 RIEPEN WAND (2774m) dist: 44.39km
 GROSSE ARNSPITZE (2196m) dist: 16.47km
 HOHER BURGSTALL (2611m) dist: 46.17km
 SEEFELDER SPITZE (2221m) dist: 23.75km
 GROSSE OCHSEN WAND (2699m) dist: 43.85km
 KLEINE OCHSEN WAND (2553m) dist: 43.24km
 ACHTERKOEPFE (2023m) dist: 16.03km
 STEINGRUBEN KOGEL (2633m) dist: 42.89km
 HOADL (2340m) dist: 40.68km
 STEINGRUBEN WAND (2578m) dist: 42.41km
 PLEISEN (2236m) dist: 39.66km
 HOCHTENN SPITZE (2549m) dist: 42.16km
 SCHLAGKOPF (1518m) dist: 20.96km
 MALGRUBEN SPITZE (2571m) dist: 42.16km
 FREIUNGSPITZEN (2332m) dist: 25.63km
 WIDDERS BERG (2327m) dist: 41.27km
 KIRCHDACH (2840m) dist: 54.22km
 MARCHREISEN SPITZE (2620m) dist: 42.22km
 SCHNEIDER SPITZE (2156m) dist: 40.88km
 AMPFER STEIN (2556m) dist: 42.14km
 KUHLOCHSPITZE (2297m) dist: 26.18km
 SAILE (2404m) dist: 40.43km
 KESSELSPITZE (2728m) dist: 51.01km
 ERLSPITZE (2405m) dist: 25.90km
 FLEISCHBANKTURME (2216m) dist: 25.51km
 MITTAGKOPF (1638m) dist: 20.07km
 LAEMPERMAHDSPITZE (2595m) dist: 50.10km
 ZAEUNLKOPF (1746m) dist: 20.84km
 SAMSTAGKARSPITZE (2196m) dist: 24.34km
 FLEISCHBANKSPITZE (2206m) dist: 24.89km
 SONNENSTEIN (2441m) dist: 48.05km

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