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 PINGGL (2767m) dist: 47.55km
 KIRCHDACH (2840m) dist: 38.89km
 MARATSCH SPITZE (2648m) dist: 52.80km
 CIMA DEL TEMPO (2709m) dist: 54.06km
 HAMMERSPITZE (2631m) dist: 37.48km
 ROTERKOPF (2526m) dist: 35.77km
 WASENWAND (2563m) dist: 36.45km
 PFLERSCHER TRIBULAUN (3097m) dist: 47.94km
 KESSELSPITZE (2728m) dist: 34.97km
 GSCHNITZER TRIBULAUN (2946m) dist: 47.29km
 MANDLSPITZE (2366m) dist: 10.40km
 PADASTERKOGEL (2301m) dist: 38.06km
 HOHES TOR (2636m) dist: 43.58km
 SONNENSTEIN (2441m) dist: 31.55km
 OBER DER MAUER (2520m) dist: 34.21km
 GLEIRSTALER BRANDJOCH (2372m) dist: 9.67km
 KREUZJOECHL (2650m) dist: 44.44km
 LAEMPERMAHDSPITZE (2595m) dist: 33.67km
 SCHWARZE WAND (2917m) dist: 47.23km
 SERLES (2717m) dist: 32.25km
 MUTTENKOPF (2638m) dist: 44.14km
 NOERDLICHER ROSSLAUF (2881m) dist: 47.89km
 OBERNBERGER TRIBULAUN (2780m) dist: 47.24km
 AM HOHEN KREUZ (2486m) dist: 43.67km
 PEILSPITZE (2392m) dist: 34.56km
 ROTENSPITZE (2481m) dist: 42.71km
 KLEINER TRIBULAUN (2492m) dist: 46.60km
 KASKARSPITZE (2580m) dist: 7.21km
 WALDRASTER JOECHL (1878m) dist: 30.64km
 BLASER (2241m) dist: 34.08km
 LEITNERBERG (2309m) dist: 41.23km
 WEISSE WAND (1830m) dist: 32.65km
 RUMER SPITZE (2454m) dist: 10.23km
 GUMPENKOPF (1960m) dist: 5.55km
 SONNTAGKARSPITZE (2575m) dist: 7.36km
 NOESSLACHJOCH (2231m) dist: 39.43km
 PUNTA BIANCA (2714m) dist: 53.04km
 CIMA GALLINA (2748m) dist: 52.37km
 PUNTA DEL TASSO (2645m) dist: 51.29km
 PATSCHERKOFEL (2260m) dist: 22.87km
 STEMPELJOCHSPITZE (2543m) dist: 8.72km
 CIMA ROLLE (2800m) dist: 52.20km
 HINTERE BACHOFENSPITZE (2668m) dist: 7.52km
 UNTER FLATSCHSPITZE (2463m) dist: 49.18km
 CIMA VALLACCIA (2566m) dist: 49.47km
 ROSSKOPF (2670m) dist: 8.23km
 WOLFENDORN (2774m) dist: 48.38km
 PADAUNER BERG (2230m) dist: 44.10km
 VORDERE BACHOFENSPITZE (2663m) dist: 7.56km
 CIMA DEL LAGO (2943m) dist: 57.24km
 UBERFALLGRUENDL (2302m) dist: 25.85km
 ROSSGRUBENKOFEL (2450m) dist: 44.40km
 CIMA DI PIAMBELLO (2990m) dist: 57.48km
 BENTLSTEIN (2436m) dist: 35.16km
 SILLESKOGEL (2418m) dist: 44.52km
 WILDSEESPITZE (2733m) dist: 47.86km
 PICCO DELLA CROCE (3132m) dist: 57.04km
 SUMPFKOPF (2341m) dist: 37.24km
 CIMA DELLA VISTA (2988m) dist: 57.72km
 SAXALMWAND (2635m) dist: 45.68km
 MISLKOPF (2633m) dist: 29.29km
 CIMA RIVA (2766m) dist: 54.41km
 MORGENKOGEL (2607m) dist: 25.84km
 VIGGARSPITZE (2306m) dist: 22.85km
 KLEINER HIESSENKOPF (2038m) dist: 3.80km
 FRIEDRICHSHOHE (2713m) dist: 47.67km
 CIMA DODICI (2690m) dist: 53.72km
 RAUHER KAMM (2645m) dist: 28.90km
 NEUNERSPITZE (2285m) dist: 22.53km
 REISSENSCHUH (2470m) dist: 36.72km
 GRAB SPITZE (3059m) dist: 54.59km
 KRAXENTRAGER (2999m) dist: 46.97km
 RIEPENSPITZE (2460m) dist: 41.14km
 SCHAFSEITENSPITZE (2602m) dist: 35.80km
 GROSSER LAFATSCHER (2696m) dist: 7.75km
 CIMA VALMALA (3022m) dist: 57.73km
 SEEBLESSPITZE (2628m) dist: 28.59km
 KLUPPEN (2940m) dist: 47.11km
 GAMPES SPITZE (2624m) dist: 41.07km
 PFITSCH SCHARTE (2742m) dist: 46.94km
 HOHE WARTE (2687m) dist: 40.86km
 SCHEIBENSPITZE (2489m) dist: 35.92km
 HOHE KIRCHE (2634m) dist: 44.43km
 HOCHSAGE (2778m) dist: 54.08km
 KREUZSPITZE (2746m) dist: 26.67km
 GAMSLAHNERSPITZE (2681m) dist: 25.16km
 GLUNGEZER (2677m) dist: 24.12km
 HOHE WARTE (2943m) dist: 45.28km
 HOHE WAND (3289m) dist: 46.96km
 ROSENJOCH (2796m) dist: 27.36km
 GRUENBERGSPITZE (2790m) dist: 28.10km
 SAGWAND SPITZE (3227m) dist: 45.76km
 GRAFMARTSPITZE (2720m) dist: 28.49km
 HOHE WARTE (2398m) dist: 35.23km
 SCHRAMMACHER (3410m) dist: 45.94km
 JOCHGRUBENKOPF (2453m) dist: 38.43km
 SCHARTENKOGEL (2311m) dist: 23.11km
 SCHOEBERSPITZEN (2602m) dist: 40.50km
 SCHOENLAHNERSPITZE (2424m) dist: 39.45km
 ROTE WANDE (2995m) dist: 53.28km
 FUSS STEIN (3380m) dist: 44.09km
 KREUZJOECHL (2536m) dist: 33.80km
 SONNENSPITZE (2619m) dist: 29.10km
 VORDERE WEISS SPITZE (3269m) dist: 53.14km
 VORDER WEISSPITZ (3274m) dist: 53.19km
 KLEINER KASERER (3093m) dist: 41.77km
 OLPERER (3476m) dist: 43.72km
 FALSCHER KASERER (3254m) dist: 43.27km
 GROSSER KASERER (3263m) dist: 42.95km
 ODKARSPITZEN (2745m) dist: .01km
 HOCHFERNER SPITZE (3470m) dist: 53.17km
 HORNSPITZE (2650m) dist: 37.98km
 KAELBERLAHNER SPITZE (2928m) dist: 50.26km
 SEEKARSPITZE (2645m) dist: 28.16km
 KLEINER HOCHSTELLER (2860m) dist: 49.30km
 HOCHFEILER (3509m) dist: 54.06km
 LARMSTANGE (2686m) dist: 40.84km
 HOCHSTELLER (3098m) dist: 51.07km
 GEFRORENE WAND SPITZE (3288m) dist: 43.18km
 BLEIJAEGERSPITZE (2660m) dist: 35.51km
 NAVISER RECKNER (2824m) dist: 33.45km
 SAGENHORST (2713m) dist: 34.80km
 MOELSER SONNENSPITZE (2490m) dist: 30.73km
 BREITNOCK (3212m) dist: 55.04km
 GEIER (2857m) dist: 34.13km
 LIZUMER RECKNER (2886m) dist: 33.68km
 MALGRUEBLER (2749m) dist: 26.62km
 TARNTALER KOEPFE (2757m) dist: 31.98km
 KLAMMSPITZEN (2512m) dist: 31.34km
 LIZUMER SONNENSPITZE (2831m) dist: 32.76km
 HANEBURGER (2596m) dist: 25.35km
 GREINER MAUER (2883m) dist: 48.66km
 KLEIN GREINER (2959m) dist: 49.33km
 DUNKLE SPITZE (2479m) dist: 35.51km
 GROSS GREINER (3199m) dist: 50.25km
 HOHER RIFFLER (3231m) dist: 42.48km
 GROSS MOESELER (3480m) dist: 53.95km
 MOLSER BERG (2479m) dist: 29.59km
 FURTSCHAGL SPITZE (3190m) dist: 52.48km
 SCHOENBICHLER HORN (3134m) dist: 52.05km
 HOCHWARTSPITZE (2491m) dist: 35.93km
 ROSSKOPF (2382m) dist: 24.39km
 CIMA DEL PRETE (2973m) dist: 57.26km
 KLEIN RIFFLER (2837m) dist: 43.49km
 ROSSRUGG SPITZE (3304m) dist: 54.89km
 TURNERKAMP (3420m) dist: 55.28km
 KALKWAND (2826m) dist: 33.87km
 WATTENSPITZE (2321m) dist: 23.68km
 SPECKKARSPITZE (2621m) dist: 8.75km
 TORWAND (2771m) dist: 33.59km
 GELENKNOCK (2882m) dist: 57.43km
 VORDER HORNSPITZ (3145m) dist: 56.08km
 GRAUE WAND (2594m) dist: 32.30km
 REAL SPITZE (3039m) dist: 41.53km
 HOELLENSTEIN (2874m) dist: 40.21km
 GROSS INGENT (2917m) dist: 48.17km
 III HORNSPITZE (3254m) dist: 55.56km
 HENNSTEIGEN SPITZE (3002m) dist: 49.84km
 I HORNSPITZE (3172m) dist: 56.09km
 ROSS KOPF (2971m) dist: 41.33km
 OCHSNER (3107m) dist: 50.51km
 TORSPITZE (2663m) dist: 31.90km
 EISKARSPITZE (2611m) dist: 30.69km
 ROT KOPF (2985m) dist: 50.88km
 PLATTEN KOPF (2891m) dist: 50.80km
 SCHWARZENBACH SPITZE (3254m) dist: 56.68km
 SCHWARZENSTEIN (3369m) dist: 56.19km
 NEST SPITZE (2966m) dist: 41.50km
 HIPPOLDSPITZE (2642m) dist: 30.08km
 ZSIGMONDY SPITZE (3089m) dist: 50.97km
 ROSS KOPFE (3031m) dist: 51.49km
 FELSKOPFL (3235m) dist: 55.94km
 KLEIN MORCHNER (3198m) dist: 52.99km
 NOERDLICHE MORCHENSCH (2962m) dist: 52.08km
 GROSS MORCHNER (3285m) dist: 53.91km
 HINTER GRINBERG SPITZE (2870m) dist: 41.63km
 SIGNALKOPF (2504m) dist: 9.28km
 LAPPIN (2430m) dist: 40.46km
 KELLER KOPF (2722m) dist: 49.00km
 SUNNTIGER SPITZE (2321m) dist: 6.83km
 LAPPEN KOPF (2710m) dist: 48.60km
 TRIBBACH KOPF (3111m) dist: 56.49km
 GRAFENNSSPITZE (2619m) dist: 28.87km
 GRINBERG SPITZE (2867m) dist: 41.53km
 WESTLICHE FLOITEN SPITZE (3195m) dist: 56.27km
 HIRZER (2725m) dist: 28.16km
 OESTLICHE FLOITEN SPITZE (3150m) dist: 56.32km
 SPITZEGG (2647m) dist: 40.85km
 ALMKOGEL (2419m) dist: 30.98km
 SAGSPITZE (2401m) dist: 26.27km
 LACHTALSPITZL (2259m) dist: 40.36km
 TRIBBACH SPITZE (3271m) dist: 56.50km
 WECHSELSPITZE (2316m) dist: 11.39km
 GROSS LOEFFLER (3379m) dist: 56.23km
 KLEIN LOEFFLER (3224m) dist: 55.67km
 GREIZER SPITZE (3010m) dist: 54.37km
 GIGALITZ (3001m) dist: 52.90km
 LAPEN SPITZE (2996m) dist: 53.86km
 KREUZ SPITZE (2886m) dist: 52.21km
 WILDOFEN (2553m) dist: 28.11km
 HOBARJOCH (2512m) dist: 31.23km
 BIRBERG SPITZE (2849m) dist: 51.24km
 TOIFLER (2727m) dist: 50.33km
 FLOITEN TURM (2805m) dist: 49.20km
 KEILBACH SPITZE (3094m) dist: 57.75km
 HALLERANGERSPITZE (2442m) dist: 7.35km
 DRISTNER (2767m) dist: 45.68km
 BETTELWURF (2726m) dist: 10.47km
 ROFEL SPITZE (2714m) dist: 47.91km
 BLASER (2695m) dist: 47.21km
 KASSELER SPITZE (2952m) dist: 57.55km
 GRUENE WANDSPITZE (2946m) dist: 57.45km
 GFALLEN SPITZE (2966m) dist: 58.33km
 HALSLSPITZE (2574m) dist: 32.67km
 GRAUE SPITZE (2552m) dist: 34.79km
 ROTWAND SPITZE (3050m) dist: 59.10km
 HOHE FURLEG (2570m) dist: 11.55km
 WANGLSPITZE (2420m) dist: 36.66km
 WOLLBACH SPITZE (3209m) dist: 58.15km
 HOLLENZ KOPF (3194m) dist: 58.72km
 SAEGERZAEHNE (2660m) dist: 2.34km
 NAFINGKOEPFL (2454m) dist: 31.36km
 HINTERE STANGEN SPITZE (3225m) dist: 57.40km
 GAMSKARSPITZE (2601m) dist: 8.09km
 RASTKOGEL (2762m) dist: 33.81km
 DREISPITZKOPF (2604m) dist: 33.33km
 VORDERE STANGEN SPITZE (3127m) dist: 56.47km
 ROSSWAND SPITZE (3157m) dist: 54.53km
 TOREGGEN KOPF (2470m) dist: 47.87km
 HOHER KOPF (2373m) dist: 30.73km
 MADEREGG SPITZE (3050m) dist: 53.82km
 PANGERT (2550m) dist: 35.30km
 WILHELMER (2937m) dist: 51.08km
 MUGLER (2958m) dist: 51.89km
 POPBERG SPITZE (2891m) dist: 50.22km
 GRUND SCHARTNER (3065m) dist: 52.94km
 BRANDLSPITZE (2626m) dist: 8.34km
 ROSSKOPF (2576m) dist: 32.64km
 ROSSLAUFSPITZE (2248m) dist: 29.71km
 AHORN SPITZE (2973m) dist: 48.79km
 NAPF SPITZE (3144m) dist: 60.77km
 SANDEGG (2360m) dist: 35.12km
 MULLNER (2818m) dist: 53.22km
 SCHAFKAR SPITZE (2397m) dist: 47.74km
 HOHE WARTE (3097m) dist: 59.38km
 TRENKNER (2666m) dist: 49.66km
 TRENTNER KIRCHL (2481m) dist: 49.18km
 HOCHKANZEL (2574m) dist: 8.67km
 PFAFFENBICHL (2431m) dist: 31.30km
 METZEN (2355m) dist: 30.21km
 RAUCHKOFEL (3251m) dist: 62.75km
 SUEDLICHE SONNENSPITZE (2668m) dist: 4.94km
 KLEIN SPITZE (3169m) dist: 61.23km
 RAUHENKOPF (2268m) dist: 36.20km
 NONSJOECHL (2112m) dist: 27.34km
 KRAXENTRAGER (2423m) dist: 33.94km
 HOCHFELD (2350m) dist: 45.53km
 GILFERT (2506m) dist: 28.90km
 GIPFEL (2445m) dist: 34.05km

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